Life Imitates Art. Harvey Weinstein, on a Personal Note.

The last few weeks have been a helluva time for a few well known names in show businesses, as they finally get their cum-up-ance. And as more and more people come forward to say “Me too” and “I knew”, here at Lush Geisha, we’ve also been discussing… what we knew.

Long before all this came out, friend of a friend, claimed she’d been asked up to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room once to “audition” and had had to flee for her life, and honestly at the time… we didn’t all buy it. Probably, we didn’t act like we bought it either, but then she told us another name, Lissa Pelzer. And told us to check out her book, No More Birthdays. 

It turned out to be one of the first ever book reviews that we committed to paper and the first time we started helping authors out. The reason being, the book basically described what our friend of a friend had told us had happened, without naming-names, but was so compellingly written, that it made her story make sense.

It seems impossible at first that someone like Harvey Weinstein’s could have gotten away with this for so long, but then you realize, he had enablers and people shopping for girls. He paid people money to have sexual contracts with him and stay silent to the press. *Spoiler Alert*… This is a big theme in the book, and this was written at least three years before any of these revelations came out.

So, we’re going back to read through No More Birthdays one more time. And we’re saying “Me too” on behalf of Lilly Lessard.